About Myself

Thanks for checking out my blog! First a little bit about myself.

I was born in San Antonio, Texas and traveled around a bit before settling in the D/FW area. Since then I have graduated from school and college and am looking for what comes next. Most of my work experience is in sales, but writing is my first passion. I also studied martial arts for several years, and enjoy travel, film, video games, and tabletop role-playing games.

While I have more experience and interest in speculative fiction, I also enjoy writing as a critic or for video games and tabletop games. I have also trained in Technical Writing and written a few instructional manuals. A few of my reviews were published in the NT Daily, the college newspaper for my Alma Mater, as well as other places. If I were to compare my goals in writing to an athletic career, the first person to come to mind is Bo Jackson.

This blog will focus on the regular content that I create and post, and may vary wildly at time, but will primarily be reviews and short fiction. Needless to say that all content posted here is the property of Jesse Reed (that’s me!) and cannot be reproduced without his (still me) permission.

Anyone who wishes to reach me can do so at my email: belgerod@gmail.com

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