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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Guardians of the Galaxy is the movie I was waiting for this summer. Especially since Captain America came out in April, the biggest movie of the summer for me was going to be Guardians. This is due in part to the fact that I had read the comic books that inspired the film, as part of my most favorite of all Marvel crossovers, the amazing Annihilation saga. Yes, I am also a huge Nova fan, the real one, Richard Rider, not that new faker. Also, I have long been a reader of nearly every cosmic book that Marvel has published.

A brief history for those not familiar, Marvel has for many years published various comic books that take place in space, with the most famous of the space heroes being the Silver Surfer. ‘Cosmic’ is the term many use for any space-based Marvel comic books. The quality has ranged from pretty good, to really goofy. One of these crossovers plays a very important role in the Marvel movie universe, and that is the Infinity Gauntlet series. Thanos, Infinity Gems, every single character in the universe… it’s what Marvel is building towards, just you wait and see.

Alright, Guardians of the Galaxy is about a ragtag group of misfits that start off as enemies but end up banding together to save the universe. Or at least the galaxy. It plays off the charm of the leading man, Chris Pratt, and the smooth solid gold 70’s hits that supply the excellent soundtrack. Lacking either one of those elements would have made this film merely good, but with both of those it is quite possibly the best Marvel film to date. Although, that is a slightly unfair comparison, because it is also very much not a superhero film. If anything, Guardians is much more like Star Wars or Farscape. Two series that I very much appreciate.

This film just oozes charm. Much like we hear about Pratt’s character Captain Kirking his way into the undergarments of various alien beauties (or tentacle monsters), Guardians does the same thing to the audience. We want to love this film because it’s charming and pretty, and despite it’s shortcomings we really think it has a good heart. The same way we felt about Back to the Future, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones. It’s a lovable rogue. Only time will tell if Guardians becomes the next generation of those great films, but it’s hard to imagine it won’t.

Another factor that makes this film great is that it doesn’t seem to be as tightly woven into the Avengers narrative as the other superhero films. The connectivity of those films are part of what make them amazing, but Guardians is the oddball and needs to fill the role of the outcast among our heroes. If the Guardians ever meet the Avengers, it definitely wouldn’t be as best buddies. These are the weirdos.

Considering that this film is pulling very good numbers, this is probably old news to many. For those of you on the fence or dragging your feet, go check out Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s more than just another entry in the superhero craze sweeping theaters, it is a great film and worth seeing. See you there!

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